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Submitting to Ethan

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Dear reader,

I'm thrilled to share with you the news of my latest story, Submitting to Ethan. Like most of the stories I write, Submitting to Ethan began with a scene playing out in my head. This opening scene draws the reader into Rose White's world, a world in which she hides behind baggy clothes and pretends to be sexless. One night, during a playful interlude with her hunky best friend, Ethan, she experiences her first spanking. This single event sparks the beginning of a loving D/s relationship which will leave their lives and their friendship forever changed.

Rose White's relationship with her best friend, Ethan Pierce, hasn't changed much over the years, until one night when Ethan surprises her with her first spanking. Both aroused beyond all control, they give in to a night of passionate lovemaking. When Ethan confesses his deep dark secret, Rose is shocked. Her Ethan is a dominant, and he wants her to be his submissive.

In the midst of her training, Rose must make a confession of her own. She's been getting nasty threats against her life for the past two weeks at work. Ethan will do everything in his power to keep her safe, but when the stalker is revealed, Rose's trust in Ethan is shaken. Can he win her back, or is their friendship a thing of the past?

"Submitting to Ethan" is a 28,000 word novella.

Reader advisory: This book contains rape fantasies and scenes of "forced" sex. If you are sensitive to this type of writing, please do not buy this book. In no way does this book condone the crime of rape.

This book includes the following elements: graphic language, explicit sex, anal sex, spanking, BDSM, and a loving D/s relationship


He wasn’t coming.
Why hadn’t he called? I should call. He might be sick or hurt or… No. He probably got busy at work and time slipped away. Or maybe he hooked up with Gina, his on again, off again. No doubt, right about now, she was on him--again. Ugh.
Since Ethan wouldn’t be seeing me, I took off my playing-it-safe baggy T-shirt and sweatpants and slipped on my favorite lime green cami. Almost sheer and super thin, the fabric clung to my full breasts and did very little in the way of covering my dark rosy nipples. Not bothering with bottoms, I flopped tummy first onto my antique four poster bed, my black lace boy shorts riding up a bit to show off the underside of my fleshy butt cheeks.
Blowing out a breath, I caught myself staring at the phone. I should call him, if for no other reason than to ask his advice about the creepy notes, flowers, and candy I’d been receiving at work for the past two weeks. No, I wouldn’t call. He’d think I was being all needy. Which I was. Ugh!
I’d read. Maybe that would take my mind off things.
No way was I turning on the TV. I’d only miss him more.
Tuesday nights were supposed to be about me and my bestie since kindergarten lying on my bed, having pillow fights, and watching Twilight Zone reruns until we fell asleep.
No, we weren’t lovers. Never have been. Never will be.
An image of Ethan kneeling between my thighs, his cock pressed at my slit, flooded my brain. Ethan’s large, tan hands cupping my full pale breasts. Ethan’s perfect mouth pressed against mine.
Wetness drenched my panties. I fought the urge to get myself off with my trust vibrator. No. Ethan would never see me that way. I gave up hoping a long time ago. Okay, maybe I still have a little hope. Yes, I am an idiot.
I dragged my copy of Jane Eyre off the nightstand. I liked to read it and imagine Ethan as Mr. Rochester and me as Jane. Only, my Mr. Rochester would turn me over his knee and give me a long, hard spanking anytime he felt like it. I’ve never actually been spanked, but I sure have dreamed about it. Turning the page I’d dog-eared last night, I lost myself in their world.
The bed dipped and I shrieked. Fear lanced through me. Why hadn’t I heard the door open?
“Hello, baby girl.” His voice, husky and deep, flowed like warm butter over my skin.
I sighed in relief. Ethan. He sat beside me on my side of the bed, his perfect ass bumping up against my round waistline.
I looked him up and down. His dark brown hair, wavy and mussed. His face darkened with stubble. His steel gray eyes pinning me, a deer in headlights. He wore a tight white T-shirt which molded itself to his muscled chest and did all sorts of wonderful things to my tummy. And my pussy. His jeans were snug against his hips and muscled thighs. His feet were bare. No wonder I hadn’t heard him come in the room. He had a key to my apartment, so he’d slipped in easily. I quickly glanced at the clock. Ten minutes until nine o’clock. “You’re late,” I accused him.
“Sorry, sweetie. I had to take a client to dinner.” Ethan was the head of a successful PR firm located in downtown Memphis. He always reserved Tuesday nights for us, so I’m guessing this was a pretty important client.
I stuck my bottom lip out in what I hoped was a pretty pout.
Ethan stood then leaned in close. He lifted his large tanned hand and brought it down hard on my left ass cheek.
Squealing, I reached back to cover my sore bottom, protecting it from another assault.
“What was that for?” I asked, more aroused than I’d ever been in my life. I felt the flood of moisture seeping from my pussy. Please don’t look at my panties, I begged him silently. He’d see how wet they were, and then I’d be humiliated. Humiliated because no way he’ll ever want me the way I want him.
I’m not exactly Ethan’s type. I’m only five feet, five inches, and tiny I am not. I’ve tried to lose weight, but the extra curves appear to be here to stay. I’ve always looked like this. I’ve always hated it, too.

I hope you'll give Ethan and Rose's story a try, and if you do, I'd love to hear from you!

Happy reading!

Violet Gray

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All rights reserved. 
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Cover art by Niina Cord of Niina's Cover Design

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