Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Banned by Amazon

My story, The Vampire's Submissive, has been banned by Amazon. Disappointed doesn't even begin to cover my feelings at the moment.
Gorgeous cover by Niina Cord of Niina's Cover Design

I had enrolled this story in the Kindle select program, so it is not available anywhere else at this time. I hesitate to upload it to Kobo or Barnes & Noble, as I've read that they, too, are using giant brooms to sweep erotic romance and erotica out the door.

I honestly don't know what to do. I've spent plenty of money on covers for this story, as well as three others, two of which have not been released. My novella, Submitting to Ethan, has not yet been banned by Amazon, but I'm sure it will be any minute now.

Why? Because in the description I am honest about the contents of my book:


WARNING: This book contains rape fantasies and scenes of "forced" sex. If you are sensitive to this type of writing, please do not buy this book. In no way does this book condone the crime of rape. This book includes the following elements: graphic erotic language, explicit sex, anal sex, spanking, BDSM, and a loving D/s relationship. 

I write stories as a means of feeling in control and to give myself (past and present) a Voice. Since I am no longer welcome on Amazon, I will have to find another way of sharing my stories.

What do you think of the mass ban on erotic romance and erotica?


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