Friday, October 18, 2013


So you know those moments when your Soul lines up with the brilliance that is the Divine and you suddenly see things in a vibrant, new way? I had one of those moments today.

I'm a very visual person, and in my mind, I've been seeing my almost ex-husband and my ex-dear friend in all manner of passionate clinches. I've seen them laughing with my children and her children. I've felt tremendous pain. As I told my therapist this week, my heart quite literally feels broken. I could feel it as a very real entity and it hurt. 

Then, earlier this afternoon, I received a moment of clarity. I saw him. Happy. I saw her. Happy. I saw my kids with them. Happy. I saw her kids with all of them. Happy. 

I saw me. Miserable.

I'm the only unhappy one. Just me. All by my lonesome wallowing in despair and bawling my eyes out over something I cannot change. Ever. No amount of self-loathing will bring him back. No amount of contemplating death as the end to my pain will change things. I have chosen unhappiness. No one chose it for me.

And now, I choose to change my mind.

I choose to let them go. I choose to let him be. I choose to let her be. I choose to let my children embrace whatever happiness and fun they may find with him, her, and her kids.

I choose to stand here in the very center of My Life and declare, "I choose Happiness."

Happily yours,


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