Thursday, November 14, 2013

My 1st Ever Holiday Season as a Divorcee Survival Guide

1.  Buy and savor Ben & Jerry's Americone Dream
2.  Create a girl power soundtrack ("Roar" will be #1). Dance. Badly.
3.  Make pot of hot chocolate
4.  Add copious amount of mini marshmallows to hot chocolate
5.  Locate & view all 5 Twilight DVD's (I know they're around here somewhere)

6.  Pass out on couch under cozy heated blanket with doggy at my feet
7.  Wake up. Sort of.
8.  Pour Cheerios in bowl and add real sugar. Naughty much? ;-)
9.  Dance badly. Again.
10. Watch Sherlock. Seasons 1 & 2. Sigh contentedly.
11. Pass out again. Warm blanket and doggy: check
12. Wake up. For reals.
13. Go to garage. Throw paint at huge canvas. Post pic to Twitter.
14. Curl up on couch.
15. Watch Loki (and Thor)

16. Pretend I'm a Barbie Styling Head. Curl hair. Play with make-up.
17. Eat more Cheerios.
18. Play with my Tarot cards. (If I can find them. Gave it up for him. Stupid me.)
19. Write free verse poetry. One must pay homage to that hideous Christmas 
      sweatshirt of yore.
20. Tweet.

P.S. I will be showering, brushing my teeth, and walking the dog at appropriate intervals. LOL.

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